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Lulav and Etrog Form

Lulav and Etrog Form


Observe this beautiful Mitzvah of the “Four Species”
with a Lulav and Etrog set from Chabad!

For last minute orders please call 650-424-9800

  • Consistent quality. For 36 years we have been serving the community with high-quality Four Species sets.
  • We offer a unique, personalized experience. We will help you select and assemble your four species or, if you prefer, we can assemble them for you.
  • More choices! From basic quality etrogim to highest quality premium, from Israel or Italy, we give the most choice and the best value. Our sets include premium Hadassim from Tzfat, and fresh, high quality Aravot!

The Pitum is a small flower and stem that grows at the top of many Etrogim, unique to the Etrog fruit. If it breaks off, the Etrog is Pasul - unfit for use. Therefore, many people prefer an Etrog that grew without a Pitum, which avoids the problem. We offer Etrogim with or without a Pitum.

To ensure availability we recommend that you order before Rosh Hashana
However, we order many extras, so call us for last minute orders too!

Please feel free to call with any questions you may have about the Four Species or any other aspect of the Holidays, whether or not you choose to buy an Etrog and Lulav set from us.

Prices include etrog, lulav, myrtle and willow, price is based on Etrog quality

Please Note: All orders are subject to availability.

For last minute orders please call 650-424-9800

Quantity Etrog Type Pitum Price Totals


Israeli Quality Etrog W/O Pitom $45 $0.00
Please Call Israeli Quality Etrog With Pitom $45 $0.00
Italian Quality Etrog $48 $0.00
Please Call Israeli Premium Etrog $130 $0.00
Italian Premium Etrog With Pitum $160 $0.00
Sold Out Italian Premium Etrog
W/O Pitum $160 $0.00
Please Call Israeli Hadar (Exceptional) $180 $0.00
Italian Hadar (Exceptional) With Pitum $235 $0.00
Sold Out Italian Hadar (Exceptional) W/O Pitum $235 $0.00
0 sets       Sum Total $0.00

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Orders will be available for pick up at the Chabad Office, 3070 Louis Rd
Please call our office at 650-424-9800 to confirm arrival